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VICORE is an international gemstone merchant offering its clients a discreet and professional service. Our mission is to source and supply the rarest and exclusive gemstones for our customers worldwide.

We commit constantly to handle business in a responsible way and to determinate our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We try to impulse environmentally aware practices throughout our operations, from our global corporate process to the individual actions of our employees and others working on our behalf. VICORE engages in the promotion of responsible, ethical and environmentally friendly process within the emerald and diamond industry.


Emeralds offer a good investment opportunity for anyone who is looking for hard assets with international value. Prices per carat have been rising steadily over the past few years, due to the gigantic emerald hype amongst celebrities.

VICORE has acquired exclusive distribution contracts for Europe with our mining partners in Colombia, the world‘s largest producer of emeralds. Through this direct line from Colombia to Europe, we are able to supply large quantities of high quality emeralds for the most competitive prices. All of our emeralds come from the famous Muzo mines, known for their outstanding quality, and are certified by the Gubelin gem lab, located in Switzerland.

For all these reasons, we at Vicore are confident that we can guarantee unique emeralds of the highest quality.


We carefully select only the very best investment grade stones from the global diamond centers in Antwerp, Gaberone, The Bharat Diamond Bourse and Ramat Gan ensuring the finest quality stones. Providing a full acquisition service utilizing extensive industry contacts, pre-approved businesses and individuals are able to take advantage of specialist viewing locations in London to view and subsequently acquire the perfect stone.

All our stones are laboratory tested and certified by the GIA, IGI or HRD as part of the gem identification and diamond grading service that we provide.

Each stone comes with a detailed certificate that states the cut, clarity, carat and colour. We are able to guarantee that all our diamonds are conflict free and adhere to the Kimberley Process. VICORE DIAMONDS has partnered with leading international valuables logistics businesses to provide secure transit and inspection facilities in London.