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Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds
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Diamonds and other precious stones are globally known to be secure investments. Most people have clear diamonds in mind, as they are most widely distributed and more abundant than coloured diamonds. They have proven to be a good investment, with prices rising by more than 30 % since 2003 (source: IDEX Online).
This performance is, without a doubt, outstanding. Still, it is being outpaced by another precious stone: Yellow diamonds have risen by an unbelievable 300 % in the same timespan. Especially the most valuable stones, fancy vivid yellow diamonds, are definitely a first-rate option for your investment.
Not only are yellow diamonds on the rise in the traditional Western markets, they are becoming ever more popular in the emerging BRIC nations. Experts, such as De Beers Diamond Jewellers and Katharina Flohr, creative director of Fabergé, can confirm that yellow diamonds are immensely popular amongst jewel lovers as they combine exclusive value, beauty, and a nostalgic vibe. The biggest emerging economies represent the major growing markets for the future, as their middle classes are growing. An increasing GDP
per capita means that more and more people will have funds to buy precious stones. In China, for example, yellow is associated with wealth and money, and therefore, this colour is sought after in jewellery and gemstones. Needless to say that the most populous nation in the world will have an impact on international diamond trade. On the supply side, changes are also expected. One of the biggest producers of yellow diamonds, the Ellendale Mine in Australia, is facing closure in the near future due to exhaustion. Therefore, production will not be able to meet the demand.
Coloured diamonds are measured on a scale rating their colour intensity. Only the best stones may be called fancy vivid yellow diamonds. They are the ones reaching the highest prices, such as “L‘incomparable”, a 407 carat stone which set the Guinness World Record sale price.

It is no surprise that yellow diamonds outperform clear diamonds by that much: “There is just one of these fancy yellow diamonds for every 10,000 white diamonds in the world.”

(Katharina Flohr, Fabergé)

Why invest in fancy vivid yellow diamonds now?
  • - Stable market performance for over a decade
  • - Increasing popularity in traditional markets and in emerging countries lead to a high demand
  • - Production will not be able to meet the expectations already in the near future
  • - Yellow diamonds are, such as other gemstones, a secure investment, untouched by currency developments
  • - Fancy vivid yellow diamonds can hardly be outdone in uniqueness by any other investment good
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